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Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English With Pictures


Parts Of Body Names In Urdu And English With Pictures Presented Here in details for Primary information for kids and elder. This human body parts information will guide you and help to learn names of different body parts which everyone must need to know. It’s very helpful article especially for kids and elders to learn about body parts name in Urdu  and English.

In early classes the kids who doing studying at home by themselves and teaching by his/her  mother or elder sister or elder brother help them to teach them in better way.

Through these pictures where the parts of body names presented will help you in better way.

Parts of body name in English and Urdu

This picture showing the different parts of body in English and Urdu as well.


Parts of Body Name With Picture In Urdu:

Parts Of The Body list In English and Roman Urdu:

  • Mustache ( Moonch)
  • Nail ( naakhun)
  • Neck ( Gardan)
  • Nose ( Naak)
  • Thumb ( Anghutha)
  • Tooth ( Daanth)
  • Fist ( Muthi)
  • Foot ( paon)
  • Hair ( Baal)
  • Hand ( Haath)
  • Knee ( ghutna)
  • Lips ( Hont)
  • Arm ( bazoo)
  • Beard ( Daarhi)
  • Chin ( Thodi)
  • Ear (Kaan)
  • Eye ( aankh)
  • Face ( Chehra)
  • Finger ( ungli)


Inside Body Parts in Roman Urdu and English:

  • Lung ( Phaypara)
  • Brain ( Dimagh)
  • Bone ( Haddi)
  • Liver ( jugar)
  • Heart ( Dil)
  • Kidney ( Gurda)
  • Muscle (Patha)
  • Rib ( Pasli)
  • Heart ( Dil)

Video of Body Parts


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