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Tips how to prevent car stolen


A useful tip for car owners
How to Immediately Get Back Your Stolen Car in Pakistan
It is a fantastic idea for those who can’t afford car insurance or Tracker System. I’m suggesting this to all my friends.
How to Get Back Your Stolen Car?


It takes only 2 minutes for a car thief to runaway with your car. No matter you have a tracker and auto-alarming devices fitted in your car.
The best safety for your car is a live and active Mobile Phone hidden in a safe place in your car:
1. Buy any low price mobile phone with longer standby time (Q Mobile has one model which run for 10 days on standby and cost around Rs.2,200/-).
2. Insert Ufone sim in the mobile. THEY HAVE SHARED LOCATION INTERFACE WITH POLICE. So police can check cell location for them in real time.
3. Turn this mobile on complete SILENT mode (double check it should not vibrate while you turn it on SILENT mode).
4. Wrap it up slightly in a plastic sheet so that it should not get dirty and dusty during its hidden use.
5. Make sure it is perfectly responding by calling its number from another mobile phone.
6. Hide this mobile in a safe place in your car. And that’s it…
If your car is stolen, immediately inform your local Police Help Line 15 in Pakistan. Give them phone number of the mobile hidden in your car. Police can easily track the location by calling that number. Chances are that you may get back your car within the shortest possible time.
And finally do not forget to charge this mobile at least twice a week and hide it back in your car in active position.
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