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Top 10 Killer Wrestlers who Allegedly Involved in Murder


Sometimes in the fight games, either the ring or playground colored bloody or the players become deadly. Fighting in a dangerous is common in the wrestling and boxing game. During the wrestling sometimes wrestlers fight so dangerously that ring turned into the death ring and all end in the death of any player in the ring. Here are those ten wrestlers who track their opponent so badly that he lost his life.

1. Chris BenoitChris Benoit

Suffering from quite a lot of issues due to his drug usage and head trauma, Benoit was on the edge of dropping his sanity most of the time and in June 2007, he finally lost his grip and fell. Benoit murdered his spouse by using asphyxiation and did the identical to his son before committing suicide.

2. Aykytusy SituAkitoshi Saito

Aykytusy Situ is a Japanese wrestler and the three-time winner of the world champion in wrestling. He killed his opponent Mitt Sohar in the wrestling. At that time, he was mentally disturbed. At the end of the match, he picks Mitt Sohar up and hit the ground. He lost his life on his way to the hospital.

3. Jimmy SnukaJimmy Snuka

The wrestler known as the expert of the super fly is none other except Jimmy Snuka. He is accused of killing his girlfriend. According to Jimmy Snuka, her girlfriend was alive, but apparently Nancy passed way due to cranial cerebral injuries.

4. Brian Michael McGheeBrian Michael McGhee

McGhee might now not be a well-known title to many. However, everybody who has adopted the WWE development closely would know about D.T. Porter. McGhee undoubtedly made headlines when he stabbed his female friend to loss of life. McGhee’s girlfriend, Bianca McCaughey was found expired in her apartment complex in Tampa and McGhee was instantly arrested.

5. Ox BakerOx Baker

When wrestling legend Ox Baker passed simply shy of 12 months ago, one of the vital things circulated amongst the internet had been each his wild facial hairstyles and behind the curtain experiences. According to an urban legend, Baker killed not only one but two wrestlers on separate occasions as a result of his finishing maneuver, the Guts Punch.


6. Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez is an awfully massive identity in Puerto Rico. He is equally identified for being a wrestler and a promoter, however, will perpetually be known as the man who stabbed Bruiser Brody to loss of life. In a bizarre story that happened during the territory days, Gonzalez obtained into an argument with Brody in the locker room, and he stabbed Brody. Many tremendous names together with Carlos Colon, Zeb Colter, and Tony Atlas have been at the arena when the incident befell.

7. Verne GagneVerne Gagne

Gagne was once listed in the largest names throughout the territory days. He used to be ranked alongside names like Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thesz, and Killer Kowalski and likewise has his own promoting named the American Wrestling Association. In 2009, affected by Alzheimer’s, Gagne killed his nursing house roommate as a result of physique slamming him onto the floor. And because of the character of the disease that Gagne was once going by way of, he couldn’t bear in mind any of the incidents and the victim’s loved ones didn’t press charges both.

8. The Great KhaliThe Great Khali

The Great Khali was once coaching to turn out to be a WWE famous wrestlers; he did inadvertently kill any wrestler within the ring. Working with All Pro Wrestling, Khali used to be working with up and coming wrestler Brian Ong. Even though Ong acquired a concussion prior to the coaching session, the employees at APW made him proceed. Sadly, after receiving a flapjack from Khali, Ong acquired but yet another concussion, that unluckily, proved to be deadly. While Khali did commit the act, the loved ones of Ong as a precise substitute APW for no longer giving him appropriate care at the same time training.

9. New JackNew Jack

Those people who are acquainted with the long-established ECW shall be more than acquainted with New Jack.  He has four homicides to his title and additionally a bounty hunter when he joined the wrestling business.

10. Scott HallScott Hall

Before becoming a wrestler, Scott Hall served as a bouncer at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. After getting involved in an altercation with a customer, the person pulled out a gun; wherein Scott Hall ended up wrestling far away from him. Due to proclaimed self-defense, Scott Hall shot and killed the person within the automobile parking space of the nightclub.


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