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Top 7 Pakistani Dramas 2018


Its about mid of year and we have now good healthy list of  best Pakistani dramas 2018 till now. All private channels try to give their very best to audience. Day by day Pakistani dramas getting lot of popularity all over the world where Urdu  can understand easily. Tv industry boost lot of Pakistani entertainment industry from last decade due to good stories.

Realistic stories based dramas attract audience to watch and discuss with your family and friends. We here short listed the top 7 best dramas list in 2018 so far. These dramas have strong messages inside their stories and few are reality based also.

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Best Pakistani Dramas List 2018

  • Khasara(ARY)
  • Noor ul Ain(ARY)
  • Aisi Hai Tanhai(ARY)
  • Khaani(GEO)
  • Khamoshi(HUM)
  • Baydardi(ARY)
  • Haara Dil(Aplus)


Khasara drama serial is based on flirty husband who already married with a rich woman and now running all her business. But the flirty husband Mikaal Zulfiqar flirts with his personal secretory. His wife caught them both and fire her from job. Mikaal Zulfiqar have a friend Junaid Khan who’s wife also beautiful and they visit to come Mikaal house in Karachi. Junaid Khan are not rich so and work in Pakistan Railways. Sonia Mishal who also beautiful in  beauty and Mikaal impress with her and start flirting with her too. Story of the Khasara Drama is interesting and based on the current values of man now adays.

Khasara Drama Cast

  • Mikaal Zulfiqar
  • Sarwat Gilani
  • Junaid Khan
  • Sonia Mishal
  • Hajra Khan
  • Hassam Khan
  • Kiran Ashfaq

Noor ul Ain(ARY)

Noor ul Ain is going to on Air on ARY Digital channel. Noor ul Ain drama feature cast including Imran Abbas, Sajal Aly and Marina Khan. Noor ul Ain is the character name of Sajal Aly based on her love story with Imran Abbas. Both did love marriage to go against their families. Marina Khan doesn’t like Sajal Aly family because they poor and Marina Khan belongs to rich family. So all the story moving around the love story of Noor ul Ain and her marriage.

Aisi ha Tanhai(ARY)

Aisi Ha Tanhai another block baster drama by ARY digital. This drama based on current young generation picture sharing and romance on mobiles. MMS Scandal the most popular term used now a days. Aisi ha tanhai based on this MMS Scandal based drama story. Every parents and young generation must watch this drama and this drama really have different topic and writer took a brave decision to make this type of drama which also the major issue in young generation life.

Sonya Hussain, Sami Khan, Adnan Jillani, Nadia Khan and Saba Pervez is including in cast. Very emotional and heart touching story of Aisi ha Tanahi story. All the charterer also performed give their best.



Khaani is the story of a week girl who stand against strong cruel people when they murder her brother. The main role who performed this drama serials are Sana Javed and Feroze Khan. This drama serial is all about slow romantic and fight against strong opposition.


Khamoshi is a latest drama serial by Hum TV and you know better Hum Channel dramas well-known due to their quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment industry.  Momina Duraid Productions Presents Khamoshi on HUM TV Starring Affan Waheed, Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz, Zara Noor Abbas, Syed Mohsin Raza Gilani, Tauqeer Nasir, Zehra Shah, Sajida Syed, Maryam Mirza, Fazal, Rashida Tabassum, Azra Mansoor, Saife Hasan, Nida Mumtaz.

Khamoshi drama revolves surrounding two sisters, Zara Noor Abbas and Iqra Aziz, who are completely different from each other. In drama Zara Noor showing simple and good girl where other side younger sister, Iqra Aziz is greedy and miser, Who is also jealous from Zara Noor elder sister.


In real words personally i never watch this type of drama. Baydardi drama serial on air on ARY Digital. I must say another master piece in good drama list with strong story. Very strong script with very close to reality. Baydardi going very fast and getting popularity more from its 1st episode. Aiman Khan doing a leading role and drama and performing very well. Bushra Ansari, Affan Waheed, Behroz Sabzwari and Kashif Mahmood other main character in the drama serial.

Watch Online Baydardi ARY Digital Drama

Haara Dil(Aplus)

Aplus channel also releasing good dramas serial from last couple of years. Here another they added a good drama in  Tv industry list. Haara dil story have also very different love story which you  would like the all scenario of drama. One side the girl from poor family and the hero Danish Taimoor belongs to rich family. Both love eachother and want marry. The girl heroin mother got pregnant so that’s the turning point of drama. Right now only 3 episodes on air and getting lot of fame from all the world where Pakistani dramas watching. The cast including Danish Taimoor, Mahmood Aslam, Hiba Bukhari, Shaheen Khan, Rabya Kulsoom, Rameez Siddiqui, Seemi Pasha.

Watch Online All Episodes Of Haara Dil


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