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Top Ten Hotels In Pakistan


There are a number of beautiful and comfortable hotels in Pakistan in which people can find luxurious facilities but here we have made a list of the top ten luxurious hotels in Pakistan. Surely this will help visitors to know the best location in Pakistan for staying purpose.

avari-hotel1. Avari Towers Karachi placed as first According to our list at first number is an Avari Towers Karachi hotel. It is a nice place to spend leisure time. This hotel is located in Karachi in Pakistan on Fatima Jinnah road with 236 rooms and the 20 stories. This hotel is considered tallest hotel of Pakistan. Avari hotel is ranked in the list of four-star hotel with luxury facilities like swimming pool and restaurant as well.All the rooms are well furnished and equipped with the luxury facilities like air conditional, wireless internet and attach bathroom and kitchen. In this hotel visitors will find the friendly staff with 24 hours room and security service as well. In fact, visitors will find here comfortable atmosphere with high quality of food and drinks here. Now day’s visitors who want to come to Avari hotel can take online tickets for the period that they want to stay here.

Maisha-Spa-at-serena-hotel-islamabad2.Islamabad Serena Hotel placed as second

At second number is eye catching and nice looking Islamabad Serena hotel that is located at the foot of the Margalla Hills in Islamabad and it is close of government offices.It is rated as five-star Hotel with all the luxurious facilities here like roof top swimming pool and a number of restaurants as well. The total area of this hotel building is fourteen acres which consist of attractive gardens.It is one of those hotels where visitors want to come again and again due to such ease of comfortable and nice place for relaxing. This hotel building has such sophisticated architecture with excellent quality of craftsmanship that attracts every visitor who coming to this hotel for staying purpose.This hotel consists of 387 rooms along with suites with the nice fusion of modern and traditional styles.From all rooms visitors can take a charming view of Margala Hills and the Rawal Lake as well. In all rooms visitors will find high speed internet and WI Fi, central cooling and heating, attached bathrooms, Mini bar, LCD TV with international channels and other facilities as well. Anyone who wants to come to Serena Hotel in Islamabad for staying purpose can get advantage from attractive packages here.


3.Avari Hotel Lahore placed as third
In our list at the third number luxury hotel in Pakistan is Avari Hotel Lahore which is situated in the central of Lahore so it is accessible from airport and motorways. This hotel is rated as five-star and considered as the best hotel as it won customer choice award in 2008 for the best restaurants category and also it another awards as well.It is also known for offering the best facilities for the national and international travelers with the amazing facility of 5 dining restaurants where visitors can get the taste of delicious foods.Families can find the best offers in this hotel if they want to come to this place for spending their holidays and to see the culture and historical places of Lahore. As this hotel is situated in the busy area of Lahore with shopping malls around the hotel where visitors can go and do the shopping for different items. Visitors will find the highest quality facilities in the Avari hotel in Lahore like 24 hours park and security service and have enjoy meal and can have fun here. Anyone can get room in this nice design hotel through online booking as well.


4.Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore placed as four
In our list of luxury hotels at four we have Pearl Continental hotel Lahore which is also located in the center of Lahore city. It is easily accessible as it only takes 25 takes coming from the Lahore airport. It is five-star Hotel where visitors from across the country and out of the country enjoy the luxury atmosphere at affordable rates. In this hotel visitors will find the 485 appointed bedrooms with 238 deluxe rooms and the 49 luxurious rooms as well. All rooms are well furnished with attached luxury bathrooms and with 24 hours security. All rooms are elegantly furnished with the sitting and working areas along with all modern amenities like Plasma TV and DVD player and full air conditional. In fact, visitors and tourists will find the facilities at the highest standard in this hotel.PC hotel Lahore is such a wonderful place to visit because visitors will feel sophisticated while coming here for temporary accommodation.Tourists who want to come to Lahore to see the culture of this city should prefer PC hotel for staying purposes as here they will find the facilities of high level and can enjoy the special occasions here as well. Visitors can get facility of online reservation in PC hotel at any time as well.

ramada5.Ramada Plaza Karachi Airport Hotel placed as five
In our list of luxury hotels in Pakistan at five we have Ramada Plaza Karachi Airport Hotel as the name suggests it is located near the Jinnah international airport Karachi. In other words, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes for reaching from airport to hotel. Visitors who want to come to Karachi for business or for spending vocations should stay in Ramada hotel in Karachi as here they will find the different relaxation facilities, custom care and cooperative staff, 24 hour alert security and excellent quality of food and different services as well.Visitors will also find in Ramada hotel full comfortable bedrooms with easy accessible internet in all rooms and in all areas of the hotel. Most importantly, visitors will find pollution free atmosphere especially nonsmoking rooms are also available here as well. If you want to visit to Ramada hotel then, you can get online booking for the room in advance by logging into their site as well and in this way you can save your time in an appropriate way.


sheraton_karachi_hotel_exterior6.Sheraton Karachi Hotel placed as six
At six we have innovative and luxurious Sheraton Karachi hotel that is situated at near the beach in Karachi. It is a five-star Hotel that is why facilities here of very high standard. This hotel is only 17 miles distance away from the international airport of Karachi so tourists should stay here and enjoy the amenities at appropriate rates.This hotel has 5 restaurants and 407 luxurious rooms with classic furniture in each room. Each room in Sheraton hotel is furnished with free internet access to good clean attach bathroom to each room as well.In this hotel facilities like gym and swimming pool along with entertainment facilities are also available as well.Foreign visitors and travelers will surely find this hotel as best for accommodation because services and facilities here are very outstanding. The whole building is fully secure with the security cameras and earthquake proof as well. As this building is at the center of business area so here visitors can gain the best experience of shopping as well. In Sheraton Hotel special offers are available for families and for the business owners as well.

Marriott-Hotel-Islamabad-Pakistan7.Marriot Hotel Islamabad placed as seven
At seven we have most prestigious and gorgeous looking Marriot hotel which is located in the capital city of Pakistan, in Islamabad at few footsteps of popular Margalla Hills and close to Rawal Lake.This hotel stands out as luxurious hotel in Islamabad 11 meeting rooms, 32 suites,258 luxurious rooms and 5 floors as well.All the rooms here are well designed and organize with the modern facilities like free internet access, stereo system,Mini bar, excellent room service to all rooms as well. In step 2008 Marriot hotel building of Islamabad was greatly disturbed due to bomb blast when the truck filled with explosive materials detonated in front of main building killed a number of Pakistanis and the few foreigners as well.Few people were also injured due to such bomb blast. In Dec 2008 the hotel was officially reopened again. After such explosive attack lot of questions rises against the security of Marriot hotel that is why now the hotel is highly secured and management of the hotel has taken lots of steps for minimizing the security dangers.Despite such heavy bomb blast it would say the Marriot hotel is a nice place for staying as visitors will find here exceptional facilities and services. People who want to come to the Marriot hotel in Islamabad can reserve their room online as well for the period that they want to stay.
Gilgit-Serena-Hotel-Gilgit-Pakistan8.Gilgit Serena Hotel placed as eight
In our list at number eight we have delightful and eye catching Gilgit Serena Hotel where visitors will find the beauty at its best. This hotel is situated at the foot of Karakoram mountain and easy accessible from all areas of Gilgit.This hotel has 42 rooms & suites and all the rooms as well furnished with modern facilities like internet access, Satellite TV channels and comfortable furniture as well.In a Gilgit Serena hotel, Visitors from Pakistan and travelers from different countries will find the luxury facilities like children playing area, swimming pool, table tennis court and one restaurant with all local and Pakistani food including Chinese as well. In-fact, visitors will find the all types of luxury facilities and can enjoy the entertainment here for different events as well. Whether staying for shorter periods or for longer period guests will find here special offers for summer vacations and for club members as well.Taking a break from busy life Serena hotel in Gilgit is a nice place for staying and for relaxing. Family members with little children will find special discount for staying here and hence they can enjoy their time within their income budget.

9.Zaver Pearl-Continental Hotel Gwadar placed as ninth Zavier-Pearl-Continental
In our list of luxurious hotels at number nine we have Zaver Pearl Continental hotel that is located on the Koh-e-Batil hill and surrounded by the blue Arabian waters with nearing Gwadar port as well. It is a five-star hotel and it has 114 guest rooms along with 4 suites and Banquet & meeting service as well where guests will find the four star facilities as they can expect from PC hotels. There are few restaurants and bars are also in this hotel in which visitors can enjoy while eating various types of foods and drinks as well. PC hotel in Gwadar visitors will find the world class facilities like 24 hours emergency services, laundry services, 24 hours medical and room service, service regarding car rental and luxury service like swimming pools & health club as well. These are some of facilities or amenities that guests can enjoy while coming to PC hotel in Gwadar and expend their nice time here without bearing too much money. There is also official website where booking can be made online for room in this hotel.

Serena_hotel_faisalabad_pakistan10. Serena Hotel Faisalabad placed as tenth
In our list of luxurious hotels at the last number like at tenth number we have Serena Hotel Faisalabad which is located in textile city like Faisalabad on the quite road close to business district which surrounded by the lush greenery. It is a five-star hotel with facilities of very high standard like 24 hour security through guards and security cameras, access to meeting rooms and business Centre, Ice cream parlor, cafe bar where visitors can enjoy the taste of local tea, events Centre and other services as well. In the Serena hotel of Faisalabad visitors will find the three restaurants for enjoying the fresh food,swimming pool, different types of suites as well. In this hotel people or visitors will find the standard rooms with the options of smoking rooms or nonsmoking rooms as well. In each room in this hotel there is luxury attached bathroom with different size of beds, services of dual line phone, complementary services and quick room service for each room as well. In Serena hotel in Faisalabad online booking for rooms can also be made through their official site so that visitors can save their time and money through online booking.


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