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Waqar Zaka in Syria Helping Syrian People


Waqar Zaka is seriously an amazing personality in Pakistan. At one side he dared to host the shows like Living on the Edge, give bold stance against celebrities on various issues and at other he goes to help out the Burma Muslims and this time he is in Syria. The host of Living on the Edge is now a day in Syria where he has celebrated the New Year 2017 with the victims of Syrian Civil War.15747353_1150547091728423_1365065918117181439_n

When the rest of the world and even the Pakistanis were enjoying the New Year 2017, the courageous and amazing Waqar Zaka was talking about the issues of Syrians. Waqar is in Aleppo where he welcomed the New Year 2017 with Syrian people. Right after getting in Syria, the social media and showbiz celebrity has shared the twenty-minute video over the social media platforms where he discussed the issues of the Syrian people.15747391_1150547001728432_4811629518724590345_n


It merits mentioning here that he is the first media person from Pakistan who is in Syria to support Syrians without getting backed by any NGO or TV channel. Via his official Facebook account, he said that while others are busy in posting status over social media platforms and are acting like the well-wishers rather than helping the people in real terms.15747453_1150546745061791_1493447786612696360_n

“People here are educated. Therefore it is not as easy to record anything as they ask numerous questions about where the video will be shared and why it is being recorded,” he said in his message.

In the twenty-minute video message, he said, “It is no more a war zone. No firing, no bombs falling from the sky, but the roads are all deserted.”15826790_1150546885061777_3996399676818030093_n

In the video that we are going to show below contains the limited number of people that were aided by Waqar Zaka. According to Zaka, people here are well educated and have moral values. Most of them refused to be recorded. Waqar Zaka has also said that it is hard to get them recorded because they ask numerous questions of why he is recording them and what he will do with the video.

Check out the video:


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