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Watch Online Latest Episode Bay Dardi Drama ARY Digital


Bay dardi  Episodes On Air and Getting popularity after releasing after till first episode.

Review of Bay Dardi Drama

In Bay Dardi drama they tried to give awareness in our society regarding Aids. Aids is a disease which have no treatment and patient died after lot of painful life. In Pakistan due to unawearness and many people suffering from this disease. According to a survey in Pakistan thousands of people suffering from Aids disease. This disease spreading due to not proper education about this disease and don’t know the care. This disease normally from hair saloon and fake doctors which using already used and not properly wash medical instruments. Bay Dardi drama is based on totally different topic. Its story really different and all about a rich mother whose son suffering from Aids. The Son Shafay was the only single child of her. Shafay mother not accepting this illness and Aids disease. She hidden this from her son Shafay. But her brother Tabrez(behroz Sabzwari) Knows about this AIdS.

In hostel where Shafay living with his class mate which actually a play boy used his Razor for shave. That’s the actually cause of AIDS disease in Shafay.

During this Bia who working in Shafay office, he start love with her and this thing doesn’t like by Mamona(Shafay mother).

Actually Bia belongs to a middle class family and Mamona not like to be marry her son in a middle class family. When Mamona(Bushra Ansari) knew about his Son(Shafay) disease and doctor recommended that shafay must stay happy if you want he don’t feel much pain. Actually AIDS is a disease which have no treatment. Patient died after facing lot of pain in his ending life. Day by day he/she getting weak and weak and more weak day by day.

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Anyways when mamona knows about his son disease she agree to marry his son with Bia. When this thing  she share with his brother Tabrez, he not agree and against with this decision. Some day Tabrez visit Dubai for any business meeting and Mamona give a surprise to Shafay and arrnage the Nikah with Bia in a day and also did rukhsati. Its totally selfishness from Mamona as mother and destroy the life of a innocent girl Bia. You know better AIDS spread from one another when they involve physically.

So doctor also prohibited the marriage of Shafay due to his AIDS disease. In 8th Episode of  Bay Dardi Shafay saw the medical reports in his mother room but Shafay mamu arrived and told him its mine reports and take back from shafay hands. In episode 9 bay dardi Shafay and Bia valima ceremony done its a grand party. Both look beautiful. After ceremony shafay doctor saw Shafay and his bride, they shocked because they strictly prohibited to marry shafay after AIDS disease. They again ask them to tell everything to Shafay and his bride Bia. Anyhow they start celebration of  their honeymoon in Murree but Shafay become ill there and suffer from flue and temperature.

After 2 weeks break new episode on air by ARY digital of Bay dardi Drama. Bia want to leave house of his husband but Shafay mother and bia bhabi balckmail her for her brother illness. She stay there in  susral but her behavior with Shafay not good because she think Shafay knows everything but fact is he does not know anything.
In Episode 13 Rafay come to know the disease of his friend Rohail. Shafay mother and his wife bia saw Rafay with  Rohail in hospital. Rohail beg bia to forgive him for what he did with bia sister. Due to that she did suicide.


This Week 2 episodes on air together Episode 14 and 15. Bia meet dr Hamza who also the giving treatment to Bia’s brother. Dr Hamza got surprised to see Bia in hospital. With Dr Hamza there another Dr Ayesha who connected with international Ngo who researching on pregnant Aids woman. In these episodes Shafay mother momina turn the story and give him the reports of Bia’s where its clearly mentioned Bia is Aids patient. In other side Tabrez who Shafay mamo reached to Rohail in hospital and ask him why Shafay also Aids patient. Then he told him Shafay is innocent and he never had a girl friend even not involve any bad activities. Then doctor ask him in detail then  Rohail told doctor he often  use Shafay dresses, shoes and even shaving razer.

In double episode 16 and 17 Bia left out her husband house and then her brother also not open gate for her too. Then she go to Dr hamza house for temporary stay but his wife not accept bia. Meanwhile Shafay mamo Tabrez who received the report in which its cleared that Shafay is innocent and he suffering from AIDS due to Rohail got accident and some guys come and snatch all the reports, mobile and wallet for him. In this episode Tabrez told Shafay he also suffering from Aids and Bia suffering from this disease due to him. Shafay got shocked and feel helplessness. End of this twins episode Rohail died.

In previous episodes 20 and 21 Shafay come to Bia’s brother house for clarify his position. Doctor Ayesha also come there and she witness about Shafay character and witness also he is innocent. Then Bia also feel guilty and agree to go with Shafay.

In episodes 22 and 23 the main lie which Bushra ansari did with Shafay that she come to know about Aids disease after marry. This lie exposed in front of Shafay then shafay angry with his mother and and decide to leave house with Bia. Bia also forgive him and want to live happily with Shafay and support him in this tough situation when Shafay feeling not good and illness growing in his body.

Its 2nd last episode, Shafay come back to his mother home after insult from Bia’s bhabi. In these episodes Bia and Shafay go to Mazar for pray but people throw them out from Mazar area.

Momina pardon from shafay and beg him to go back home then Shafay agree but his health going down day by day and blood coming out from his mouth and nose.

In last episode Shafay and Bia become father of a girl but Shafay died when the girl born. After few years Bia also died and Momina start work socially for Aids patients all over Pakistan.

Message Of Bay Dardi Drama

  • A message in this Bay Dardi Drama is always use your own razor. Don’t  ever use Razor of someone else.
  • Also don’t use hair brush, teeth brush and medical instruments of others
  • Don’t be Selfish as mother or any relation
  • Be sincere with everyone.
  • From money you can’t buy happiness.

How Aids Spread from Other

  • Aids spread from someone to other blood to blood. You can eat, sleep and hug with them.
  • Don’t share Razor, Hair brush, teeth brush or any medical instruments with any Aids patient.
  • Don’t do intercourse with Aids patient.
  • You need to avoid blood from Aids Patient.

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